Jeremiah De Leon (Founder of eoko)- Philly Famous “Plug It” Edition

Founder of the new social network app eoko, Jeremiah De Leon talks with Greg and Robin about his childhood growing up in foster homes, his realization that social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are in fact disconnecting people, what it’s like building a startup, how he created his last name, and much more.

Learn more about eoko @

Michelle Silberman

Michelle Silberman (Founder of ChocAmo)- Philly Famous “Plug It” Edition

Founder and Chief Cookie Officer of ChocAmo, Michelle Silberman talks with Greg about the origin, evolution, and future of her business, the people in her life the she intentionally surrounds herself with, the identity of Philly as an entrepreneurial and food city, and much more. Buy delicious Cookie Cups @

Dre Baldwin A.K.A “DreAllDay” (YouTuber/Author/Podcaster)- Philly Famous Episode #30

He’s an expert in mental toughness, confidence, and self-discipline. Content producer extraordinaire and former professional basketball player Dre Baldwin, A.K.A “DreAllDay”, talks to about his daily routine, what separates him from other motivational content creators, what happiness means to him, and much more. Learn more about Dre @

Nick Nanakos (CEO and Co-Founder of TruckBux)- Philly Famous “Plug It” Edition

CEO and Co-Founder of the new mobile app TruckBux, Nick Nanakos talks to Greg about how the app was born and how it has evolved, the quickly growing food truck industry, his unique leadership qualities, New York vs. Philly, and much more.